Greta 24 April, 2009
Ares presents the new
lamp Greta.

Catalogue Update

Brand new product for Ares, extremely modern and minimalist, a design object with a well-proportioned structure combining vibrated concrete, polished stainless steel, turned aluminium and polypropylene. A shiny star over a lovely table in the garden, in a restaurant, at a seaside dining room, under a veranda or in indoor dining halls. A big emitting disc for a soft effective lighting. Brown, blue, white, green, red, yellow and black are the standard colours chosen for the finishing coat of the cover of the emitting unit. But for those who look for unique products, Ares is proud to present the Limited Edition for Greta in orange finishing coat, available in only 99 pieces. The release of Greta is supported by an effective promotion on various channels all over Europe. Once again Truly Italian, Ares philosophy, come up to the market expectations..

Greta: light sources _ TC-TSE 3x23max/230V E27


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