Euroluce 2013 REPORT 19 April, 2013

Made in Italy is our constant attitude and the central idea of our presence at the fair and the two posters on the side walls of the stands perfectly sum up the motto. We all directly commit ourselves and proudly show all the faces working for our truly Italian company. The stand is made up of two parts: the external garden lighted by the distinctive ARES luminaires LaDina, Greta, Ginevra, Vincenza, Viviana, Gea and Sandro together with the new generations including New Torcia, Zefiro, Hyperion, Chiara, Trixie Round, Martina Aqua and Anna, opposed to the seductive indoor setting inspired by the legendary New York club Studio 54, showing a very eclectic selection of Ares luminaires.

The external garden is the accurate replication of a real garden where taking a walk around brings you among flowerbeds, bushes and ornamental grasses, comfortable sofas and colourful playground equipments. Multiple settings for multiple activities: a photo-set to take funny instant photographs with our luminaire LaMegaDina Cordless (portable luminaire with a 5W LED module equipped with a battery pack for 5 hours functioning); the Chinotto corner to taste the bittersweet flavour of the most popular Italian soft drink, here specially re-branded ARES-PLOSE and a relax area with cosy sofas. All comfortably lighted by minimal-design luminaires like Martina, Zeta, Gamma, Lambda and Kappa.

The reception desk marks the passage from the garden to the club and you are suddenly immersed in the dark and extravagant atmosphere of the late '70s - early '80s in Manhattan at Studio54. A video of the day, alluring choreographies and the renowned white horse inspired to the triumphant Bianca Jagger create the right mood. Amazement, music and party atmosphere combined with a rich assortment of luminaires: K12 RGB to light the dance floor to the beat of music, Tau Tube to mark the balustrades, Greta Pendant to light the tables in the reserved area and Tapioca, Camilla, Yama, Epsilon, Midna and Omicron in the background to light the location.

The promotional and technical documents issued for Euroluce 2013 are: a dedicated brochure for the decorative luminaire Anna (Wall and Ceiling LED luminaire IP65 available in 10W, 15W and 30W version and different colours); and a catalogue addendum for the new series of technical luminaires. And again this year Ares has kept the biennial date (every other year at Euroluce starting from 2007) with the most preferred giveaway, the issue of the 4th Ares music CD arranging, this time, some of the memorable national songs that contributed to share the Italian style around the world.